Our St. Patrick’s Day Wish – Be Lucky AND Good








Anne M. McCarthy

St Patricks day wish best graduation gift for class of 2021 6x6 college to career in 6 weeks

At 6x6 we like Lucky, but we focus on Good.

I always smile when I hear the expression, “I’d rather be lucky than good.”  

Today, as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I reflect on the important role luck plays in life.  For me, I was born in the year of the lucky pig; my favorite number is lucky 7; and as an Irish-American, I am happy to report I DO have the “Luck of the Irish.”

However, in order to thrive in today’s unpredictable, constantly evolving marketplace, I think it’s essential to have both. Maybe that’s why there is such strong demand for continuing education and so many people now classify themselves as life-long learners.

Lefty Gomez, the Yankee Hall of Fame pitcher who won five World Series championships and the guy who made this expression famous, claims he benefited from luck. Even though I am not much of a baseball fan, I have to believe Gomez must have been pretty “good”(at baseball), too! 

At Westmeath, we make it our business to help executives set new standards for “good,” whether it’s making a case for their business priorities or embracing new ways of thinking to make them better for customers, employees and investors.  

At 6x6, we are maniacally focused on helping newly minted college graduates -- the next generation of leaders -- discover their ideal careers and continue to invest in learning and upgrading their skills to make them “good” and contribute to their future employer’s success.

As the world celebrates St. Paddy’s Day, we wish you the luck of the Irish and share a little inspiration from Lefty Gomez – here’s to being lucky AND good this St. Patrick’s Day.

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