It took you 4 years to earn that diploma. In just 6 more weeks, you’ll know how to use it.

A recent graduate with their family

Congratulations. Time to discover your dream job. You’re on your way.

But wait...How do I land a great job?

FACT: 2/3 of college grads struggle to launch their career. They end up accepting random jobs just to cover their bills. Many never find a path or clear direction.

COVID-19 UPDATE: 52% of recent grads are seeking refuge in their childhood bedrooms!

The answer is staring you in the face. Sometimes you need an impartial outsider to help you see it.

That’s where 6x6 comes in. It’s a rigorous
virtual expedition that uncovers your innate talents, teaches you critical skills, rebuilds your confidence and gives you a whopping advantage over your peers.
Basically, it’s rocket fuel for your professional journey.

From college to career in just six weeks.

6x6 world-class mentorship

World-class Mentorship

You already know that a great teacher can make a world of difference to a kid – and the same thing is true in our professional lives. That’s why 6x6 delivers real-time insights from highly-accomplished business experts and performance coaches who are dedicated to your success. This unique access gives you an insider's understanding of business, branding and the marketplace as you work together on a customized Activation Plan for your new direction.

6x6 brings out the best of you

The best of you

6x6 is a highly-individualized program. That means it’s built around your real, innate abilities – the stuff that’s true about you no matter what you learn or where you go. It starts with a Johnson O’Connor aptitude assessment – a proven, data-based predictor of core talent. From there you’ll build on your strengths and identify the roles and organizations that fit your goals – finding the paths where you’ll organically be most successful.

6x6 makes you ready for the road

Ready for the road

It’s a rocky job market out there...even rougher in the most-desired fields – and the landscapes are changing rapidly. So, think of 6x6 as a survival kit for the real world, with straightforward feedback, practical business insights and the six skills that employers say most rookies lack. There’s no fluff here. Just the confidence that comes from knowing your stuff, so you can navigate the turns and stay on your course.

6x6 makes you built for life

Built for life

At the end of 6x6 you’re going to know yourself in ways many people unfortunately never attain, and better than many career veterans! Not only will you have a deep appreciation of your talents, values and skills, you’ll know how to tell your story – how to package and present yourself so employers see the value in you that your mom always knew was there. In short, you’re going to be equipped to thrive and prosper through life on your own terms!

6x6 application information

Should you apply for the next 6x6 trek?

  • You are optimistic and ready to set the world on fire.

  • You don’t shy away from a formidable challenge.

  • You are open to new ideas and revel in learning innovative concepts.

  • You understand a good laugh and can create levity during tense moments.

  • You appreciate unique perspectives informed by life experiences.

  • You are true to your word.

  • You are eager to contribute your talents and leave our world a better place.

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If you nodded or said yes to the above statements, you may have what it takes to secure one of the limited spots in our next 6x6 trek (week of March 15, 2021).

Job Market Snapshot


entry-level jobs listed on LinkedIn



of recent graduates consider themselves proficient in written and oral communication; employers consider only 41% of recent graduates proficient.

NACE 2019

Avoiding a job search is one of the Top 5 BAD reasons for applying to graduate school., 2020

80% of people who are coached report increased confidence;

More than 70% experience improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

ICF, 2009


of recent college graduates are underemployed in their first job out of college.

2/3 of recent college grads are still underemployed after 5 years, and just over 1/2 remain so after ten years. By contrast, just one in ten graduates who land a first job appropriate to their skill level slip into underemployment after 5 years.

Burning Glass and Strada Institute

6x6 Expert Team

Scholarship Info

We offer a limited number of scholarships to first-in-family college graduates and those with a demonstrated financial need. To inquire about scholarship availability, please contact us at

6x6 is collaborating with foundations, corporations and other individuals interested in funding our needs-based scholarships. For more information, please contact


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