Your Recent College Graduate IS Your Very Own McLaren!








Anne M. McCarthy

college investment equal to Mclaren

Making the most out of your college investment.

A few weeks ago, I played golf with my usual crew. I hosted a cake and champagne party at my house because one of our “regulars” decided to move from Colorado to California – that’s another story for another day.

To my surprise, a midnight blue McLaren appeared in driveway- driven by one of my golfing buddies. Two things struck me:

1. I never knew Adele (all 5-foot-2 of her) drove and raced this Formula One, British beauty; and

2. I never knew anyone who had invested $200,000+ in a car.

Then a third thing struck me.  

Most adults my age have actually invested in multiple McLarens - the cost of a McLaren is about the same cost as tuition for a four-year, private-college education in the US. In fact, your very own “McLaren” might be hanging out this summer playing videos games, working part-time, or looking for a job.

Just like a McLaren, your recent graduate is capable of amazing performance. Just like a McLaren, your recent graduate requires a little care and direction (after the cap and gown are stowed away) to explore possibilities and exceed expectations.


What’s your graduate doing now?  Does your adult child know how to launch his or her career?  Should you leave your son’s or daughter’s career to chance based upon only a degree or should you make another strategic investment in shaping their future?


The transition from college life to the business world is badly broken. Too many graduates enter the job market seeking a “purpose-driven company,” not realizing that in fact, every organization is driven by a purpose– not every organization aligns to their values. Too many graduates waste precious time and never understand how to select a career that taps into their aptitudes, interests and passions. Too many graduates don’t realize that accepting the wrong entry-level job can set back their careers and financial security for a decade or more.


Too many parents think their role is over because they wrote the tuition checks, and their offspring earned a degree. Too many parents feel frustrated and are unable to understand the challenges their graduates confront, especially if the recent graduate pursues a career outside their parents’ comfort zone. Too many parents think it’s time to turn off the spigot and let their young adult sink or swim.


We believe the next generation of leaders deserves better.The Class of 2021 should benefit from our experience, wisdom and insights. Unlike the depreciating race car, your investment in education will rapidly appreciate, with a bit of guidance. That’s why we launched 6x6 –  to help the next generation of leaders discover the vast possibilities and learn lifelong skills so they thrive.

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